Video Recruitment

Cutting edge video recruitment technology · A personalised approach to recruiting
Meet the real person behind the CV with Cammio Video Recruitment.

We have partnered with Cammio to change the way the world recruits.

Video pitch

Automated interviews

Live interviews


Provide candidates with the freedom to engage with you from any location and using any device. With your employer brand front-and-center, talent will be able to enjoy an engaging candidate experience that is more personal than traditional recruitment processes.


The structured interview on the Cammio platform gives you a reliable first impression, increasing the probability of a good match. Add competencies and rate and collaborate with the hiring manager. Let the candidate's personality amaze you.


Select the best candidates based on a combination of personality and competency insights. Now you and your hiring manager know the personality behind the CV and understand the real candidate. Modern recruiting for companies with an eye for talent.

Packed with powerful features to enhance your search for the best candidates

A robust platform that caters for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.


The recruitment team are the daily users of the Cammio system. Our goal is to help you qualify great candidates more efficiently than ever before and subsequently, strengthen your relationship with hiring managers. Using our system will help you create impact on the business by improving your time-to-hire and corporate branding initiatives, all with a personalised approach.

Hiring manager

Hiring managers are often faced with the challenge of being presented candidates to interview that they wouldn’t have chosen themselves. Recruiters are faced with the conundrum of trying to present good candidates but having little input from the hiring manager throughout the process. Our platform provides a short visual first impression to evaluate in a collaborative way, prior to the in-house interview.


Talent acquisition begins with great talent. We make the candidate the ultimate VIP in the Cammio platform. Our legacy in employer branding means we are committed to providing candidates with a best-in-class candidate experience. While they may only use Cammio once, they should have a great impression and leave knowing what a great company you are.


Improved Recruitment Performance · Unprecedented Candidate Journeys · Expand Your Talent Ecosystem