Turn every employee into your biggest fan
No one knows how to make your business better than the people who work there. Now you can learn from those who are behind its success.

With Starred’s employee engagement feedback technology, you have the right tools to turn employee feedback into future successes.

Customised Satisfaction Surveys
Uncover the truths that will set your business free.

Our customisable dashboard helps you automate satisfaction surveys, filter data and find honest feedback across the hiring and employment journey.

Human-first Feedback
Turn opinions into opportunities.

This tech creates rewarding employee feedback experiences that helps your HR team understand what’s driving people to your company and what can be improved to keep them there.

Prioritised Improvements
If it’s broke, fix it.. and FAST!

Using our patented Priority Matrix, this candidate and employee experience platform identifies key problem areas in your recruiting and hiring processes so that you can make them right.

Earned Referrals Guaranteed
News travels fast, so make sure that news is good.

This tech solution keeps your brand one step ahead of the reputation management game so that you can keep and attract top industry talent down the line.

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