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Engage and recruit talent better and faster than ever before. Add personality to your recruitment process, simply interview and compare candidates around the world through your web browser. Gain deeper insights into a candidate’s big five personality traits with Xpress Analytics, and make better decisions with a full overview of each candidate.

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Experience-driven Onboarding

A consistent, paperless, automated onboarding tool that delivers intelligent journeys at the right time, on the right device, with the right message. Deliver a truly one-to-one experience by adapting the employee journey based on feedback, and guide your managers to build lasting connections with employees.

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On-Demand Workforce Management

Manage your freelance talent via a secure and simple workspace that helps you find the right, skilled resources in seconds and build a talent bench to reduce the time to hire for regular projects.

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Employee Engagement

Engage every employee and understand the issues that stand in the way of growth and success. Focus on emotional nudges, not just feedback, and make decisions that impact people, performance and culture. Generate insights on engagement, retention, onboarding and offboarding experience and cultural pulse.

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Candidate Experience

Understand what’s driving candidates to your company and how your current processes, brand and culture are perceived.

Gain insights to improve critical elements in your recruiting and hiring processes – make every candidate in your pipeline a brand ambassador, and maintain the engagement of those that become employees.

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Improved Recruitment Performance · Unprecedented Candidate Journeys · Expand Your Talent Ecosystem

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