On-Demand Workforce Management

A technology enabled managed service for freelancers, direct work engagements and private talent pools.

We have partnered with Talon to enable our clients to deliver a workforce for the future.

The workforce is evolving from direct employment to direct sourcing. Contingent and freelance workers are expected to substantially replace full-time employees in the coming years. This creates an opportunity for organisations to save costs, not only through having a more flexible workforce but also through implementing a direct sourcing program that can operate at scale.

Cost advantage

Scalable direct sourcing programs reduce the cost of hiring and employing permanent employees

Reduce risk

Talent pools are a competitive advantage that provide talent security whilst meeting strategic workforce planning goals

Workforce productivity

Improved selection process, quality of on-demand talent pools and reduced time-to-hire

How the managed service works.

Acquisition Campaigns

Channel agnostic talent acquisition
Quick profile creation for associates

Onboarding & Compliance

New talent is guided through a client-specific onboarding process
Reduce risk and improve compliance with automated onboarding

Search & Talent Pools

Searchable directory by bespoke taxonomy including skill, location, rate and availability
Use talent pools to build on-demand ‘bench’ for regular projects

Engage & Manage

Assess applicant funnel to make faster direct-sourcing decisions
Configure milestones for project management and cost control

Reporting & Analytics

Live dashboards to give hiring managers up-to-the minute status of workstreams
Real-time, bespoke management reporting


Improved Recruitment Performance · Unprecedented Candidate Journeys · Expand Your Talent Ecosystem