Make new hires feel right at home
First impressions are everything in this competitive hiring market. Make it the best ‘first day’ ever with an onboarding experience that’s built to excite.

Enboarder’s workflow automation platform helps your recruitment teams create interactive onboarding journeys that make newbies feel like they’re part of the crew.

Warm Welcoming Content
Make user experience priority #1.

This platform allows you to create customised, interactive content across devices to excite and inspire new hires.

Tap into those metrics that matter.
Turn opinions into opportunities.

The built-in reporting centre helps your HR team tweak the onboarding experience in real-time to keep things interesting.

Coaching Capabilities
Empower your HR managers to do what they do best.

The tech’s data-driven management coaching flags the perfect moments to make even stronger connections with new staff members.

Noticeable Business Impact
Revel in your world-class recruitment RIO.

By putting people at the centre of how our tech works, we’ve taken connection, productivity and talent acquisition to higher heights.

Watch our tech in action