Candidate Experience

Are you measuring candidate experience?
Candidates that have a bad experience tell others about it.
What are you going to do about it?

We have partnered with Starred to turn opinions into data.

Inhouse Recruiters

Employer brand

Talent Acquisition falls apart without a superior brand. News about bad Candidate Experience travels faster than ever: putting out social media wildfires is slowing you down.

Impact on revenue

Bad CX? Costly. 50% of candidates won't purchase from or recommend a company after a bad recruitment experience.

Agency Recruiters

Talent shortage

You might not be doing enough. Record low unemployment means going the extra mile and putting your candidate first for a competitive advantage.

Building relationships

Candidates don't fall off the face of the earth when you've placed them. Go beyond 'reputation management': engage candidates and learn from their experience – pre & post placement.

Earning referrals

Your best referrals come from candidates themselves. Without an amazing Candidate Experience you can kiss those referrals goodbye.

How do I measure and improve Candidate Experience?

Template Gallery

Pick a survey, send it right away.

With dozens of Candidate Experience survey templates, the Starred Template Gallery is the perfect place to start measuring Candidate Experience.


Feedback finally done right.

We believe that giving feedback shouldn't be a drag. Starred invites and surveys are respondent-friendly and get you high response rates.

Integrations: starred connect

Continuous insights, zero effort.

Without all the admin and heavy lifting that normally comes with feedback. Automate feedback into your recruitment CRM or ATS workflow with starred connect.

Respondent experience

Human-first feedback.

Starred starts with the human. Feedback means putting yourself in your respondent's shoes and creating friction-less and rewarding feedback experiences.

API integrations

Automated and integrated to fit how you work.

No one has time to manually invite candidates for feedback. Get hassle-free, continuous insights. Starred integrates into recruitment CRM and ATS systems.

Priority matrix

Turn opinions into data.

What do you need to do to improve candidate experience? The starred priority matrix automatically prioritises your improvements.


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