Video Recruitment

Meet the real person behind the CV
If you’re looking to hire the perfect candidate, you need to connect with them on a human level.

With Cammio’s end-to-end video recruitment technology, you can transform your recruitment process into a one-on-one experience for both candidates and hiring managers. Allowing you to engage and attract talent faster and better than ever before.

Cammio Clips

Clips is a way to bring the video experience to the sourcing process. Using a simple to use chrome extension, you can create branded videos in minutes. Clips helps candidates get to know the recruiter and organisation behind the reach out.

Cammio Stories

Stories is a seamless way to bring video to your job descriptions without needing a professional team behind the lense. Using the built-in platform you can build a script, invite your colleagues to collaborate, edit and publish a branded video job description. Stories can give candidates insight into the organisations culture, team, and role.

Automated video interviews

Phone interviews can be repetitive, one-dimensional and don’t give enough insights into the candidate’s personality. Recruiters often find them time-consuming and challenging to coordinate.

Engage candidates with a structured interview in a fair and efficient process with increased validity. Candidates can answer video or text questions with a video recording, while having the flexibility to conduct their interview on any device at a time that best suits them.

Live video interviews

Meet candidates through your webcam individually, or together with your colleagues, across the globe, without limits.

The recording functionality allows you and your colleagues to review the completed video interview, while the format allows for organic conversation and natural reactions. Cammio offers everything to help you meet talent – including scheduling, scripts and notes.


Are motivation letters just an efficient way of undergoing a formality in your recruitment process? Why not empower genuine candidate motivation with video directly embedded in your application form?

The open format of the video pitch helps candidates truly express why you appeal to them as an employer, while allowing their personality to shine through.


Scheduling interviews is one of the most time-consuming parts of the recruitment process, causing delays, frustration and inefficiency.

The smart scheduling tool is fit-for-purpose and makes it possible to plan live interviews in real-time, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to focus on candidate engagement and experience.


Bringing in the best talent to your organisation no longer needs to be a guessing game. Cammio adds science to the process by analysing your candidates in the pre-selection phase by using a self-learning algorithm that decides who the best fit within your organisation or team will be. Using real-time behaviour gives both you and your candidates valuable insights to determine the perfect match.

Integration and

The Cammio API allows you to connect with your existing recruitment software. Simply set up your interview projects in Cammio and access them from your ATS, HRIS or use it in combination with your existing online assessments. Check out Cammio’s current integrations.